“Let me just… uh…” Unable to think of a good distracting lie, you simply run out the saloon door and knock Susannah on her ass!

You head towards the marketplace, because that’s where the best deals are – and you’re hoping to get a great deal on escaping. Unfortunately, Susannah is following close behind, hoping to get a good armful of justice. As you run, you push obstacles in her way, but it seems nigh impossible to stop her!

You are finally cornered in a fruit stand with no chance to escape.

“I knew you’d run,” she taunts at you. “And because you ran, nobody will suspect that I really stole all the horses!”

“But why,” you ask, in disbelief, as this paragon reveals her perfidious plot.

“Because I’m really into horses and I want to own them all!” she sneers.

“There’s only one problem,” you say, making a realization.

“What’s that?”

“The mayor owns this fruit stand!” you say, and the mayor, who’s a freelance fruit merchant as a side hustle, turns around and puts handcuffs on Susannah. 

“Horse madness costs us more sheriffs every year,” sighs the mayor as he takes the former sheriff to her former jail.

“Well, I have seen the dangers of horses. Maybe I should be the new sheriff,” you suggest. The mayor agrees and gives you the title. 

You are now the sheriff of Old Cactus. You will bring law and order to this town, and you pledge to only steal horses on special occasions.


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