“Let me just inspect the spittoon for my lost gold tooth,” you lie. Susannah looks away as you bend over and quietly sneak out of the back door of the saloon.

You head into the abandoned mines, where the only thing they ever dug up was human misery. (And some nice looking rocks.) Inside the mine, there are dark tunnels. You follow them, ending up in a large cavern full of glowing stones and chanting horsepeople. That’s right, horsepeople. They wear cloaks, dance around an orb, and yes, all of them are horsepeople. Also, somehow they all wear masks of your face. It’s very unsettling, but also weirdly flattering.

They notice you and silence falls in the cavern. The leader approaches you.

“Oh beneficent leader, we are your people, blessed by the mighty glow stones to spread stories of your greatness!” says the lead horseperson. “Will you force us to go back to the world of hoo-mans with their ranches and the little structures they force us to jump over?”

“Nay,” you say. They cheer.

And lo, that’s how you became leader of the underground horsepeople. The horses weren’t stolen at all. They simply took back their freedom.


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