“Let me just tighten my spurs,” you lie. Susannah looks away as you bend over and quietly sneak out of the back door of the saloon.

You know the rail yard is an excellent place to hitch a ride on a train and get out of town forever. Unfortunately, your evil twin, who looks like you down to a T except for the spider face tattoo, is waiting there for you, as they are want to do. Currently decked out like a circus ringleader, your twin has 18 horses packed into a circus car, all painted to look like non-horse animals – lions, tigers, zebras, turtles, and more! The horses look very unhappy about the situation. You gasp at the fiendish crime and are immediately spotted.

“You thought you could stop my plot to open a horse circus and ruin your reputation at the same time!” your evil twin exclaims. But before you can comment – and you had quite a lot to say! – a shot rings out. You turn to see Susannah has shot your evil twin dead. 

“Good job leading me to the true culprit,” she says. She hands you a gold star, marking you the “Good and Alive Twin.” You wash the paint off most of the horses and return them to their rightful owners. 


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