You pull out your old six-shooter on Susannah, but she’s the faster gun. Before you can even touch the trigger, you got a bullet in you and a whole bunch of pain juice leaking out. Oooh…

You head up to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. He takes a big, long look in his book of all that you’ve done. You look around nervously, rubbing the back of your neck and saying things like, “Nice clouds y’all got up here.”

St. Peter is about to let you in, until he sees you’ve been accused of a crime that ain’t been solved. He says he won’t let you in until the case is over.

The bad news is that Susannah just got shot by the real horse thieves, meaning you’re stuck in Limbo forever. The good news is that Limbo is a lot of fun! All the coolest cowboys are in Limbo, including Buffalo Bill and Billy the Kid, who you mistakenly thought were the same guy.


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