You quickly point your arrow at Lord Pimpledump’s skull.

“Throw the bag of gold coins at my feet or I’ll arrow his head off,” you shout to the king. “I’ll do it. I live in the woods, and therefore, I am crazy!”

The king thinks for a moment. Your logic is irrefutable. He nods to an armored guard, who tosses the gold to your feet. You hacky-sack it for a minute, then kick the gold bag into your quiver. 

“How d-d-dare you…” says the blubbering lord. “Stealing from the rich! What have the rich ever done to the poor to deserve this treatment?”

“Oh, I don’t steal from the rich,” you explain, backing away with your arrow still pointed at his head. “I steal from the suckeeeeeeers!”

Once you’ve gotten a safe distance, you put down your arrow and run into the woods. Some of the king’s guard will be sent to chase you down. Let them try. You’ve got a lot of hilarious booby traps set-up in these woods, and with your gold, you’re going to make a whole lot more. Finally, you’ve got iron spike pit money!


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