You let go of the arrow. It soars through the air, blazing towards the target – and splits Lord Pimpledump’s arrow in two!

The crowd cheers and you bow to your adoring public. Since you both landed on the same spot, you and the haughty lord split the prize gold. Pimpledump looks unimpressed.

“The old ‘split-the-arrow-in-twain’ trick?” the lord yawns. “A bit hack, isn’t it?”

“I give the people what they want. Innovative trick shots would frighten and confuse them. They want the same trick shots they read about in the Bible,” you explain.

“You sound rather…”

“Jaded? When you’ve been in the trick archery game as long as I have, you watch archers struggle their whole lives, giving so much of their creativity, of themselves to these tournaments, only to be left penniless and forgotten. I’ll take the money on a tired bit. Now I can feed my pet rats the really good cheese.”


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