You let go of the arrow! It soars through the air – and hits the very edge of the target. However, given the speed and power of your shot, the entire target is knocked to the ground. Lord Pimpledork’s arrow becomes dislodged, but yours stays on the target.

“Aww, that’s too bad,” you say in the least empathetic way possible. “Looks like I win by default. Huzzah!”

“But… but…” the Lord stammers, “I hit a bullseye! Everyone saw it!”

“Did they?” you ask, then nod at your wizard friend in the stands, who casts a forgetfulness spell on the crowd.

Later, in your forest hideout, you give the gold to the wizard to pay off your gambling debts. You’ve got to kick the habit of betting on chimera fights. But winning this tournament was never about the gold. It was about being a wiseass, which you did spectacularly. 


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