As you let go of the arrow, you trip on a wild pebble! Your arrow zooms over to the right, where a foodsmith is assembling delicious roasted hedgehog snout skewers in a metal cart for attendees.

“Are you okaaaay?” Lord Pimpledump asks you, condescendingly. “Did you get a boo-boo ouchie?”

But you never take your eyes off the arrow, which ricochets off the various pots and pans in the foodsmith’s cart. The foodsmith uses an animal blood strainer to smack the arrow away, and it flies back over to the target… hitting it for a perfect, unexpected bullseye. The crowd erupts!

“Oh, I’m just fine,” you answer Lord Pimpledump. “Because I won… and therefore… that would mean… in case you didn’t know… the simple fact of the matter is… you lost!”

The haughty Lord stomps up and down, like a child. You offer him a gold piece to act like a monkey, and he reminds you that he’s still way richer than you. But with your gold, you can make serious improvements to your stick hut in the woods.


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