You let go of the arrow! It soars through the air – and misses the target entirely by half a foot. It flies off into the dense forest.

“Would you like a cup of water,” asks Lord Pimpledump, “seeing as how you just choked?”

“Did I?” you wryly smile.

There’s rustling from the treetops. Then a loud “SQWAAAAK!” fills the air as a majestic golden eagle emerges from the leaves, your arrow in its talons. The eagle races towards Lord Pimpledump, using the sharp point of the arrow’s tip to tear a hole in the crotch of his puffy trunkhose, exposing his unusually crooked genitals to King Dankmore’s sadistic delight.

The eagle swoops back to the target and places your arrow dead center. Bullseye! The day is won! The gold is yours! The crowd cheers wildly! This confuses and frightens the eagle, who attacks the crowd! You slink off with your bag of gold, innocently whistling!


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