You cut the purple wire.

The countdown clock ticks 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

The bomb beeps rapidly and then… silence.


You use your primary superpower – the ability to contain and neutralize the energy released from explosions – to contain and neutralize the energy released from this explosion. However, doing so takes all the strength you can muster, and you pass out.

When you finally come to, the media and the crowds are all gone. You’ve been propped up on a bench, sitting across from a nice, elderly chess player in a ski hat and fingerless gloves. There’s a chess board set-up in front of you.

“You saved the day, but you got outmaneuvered,” says the chess player. “Maybe you need to sharpen up on strategy.”

“Is that a challenge to play chess,” you quickly reply. “I accept!”

“See how I outmaneuvered you just now, in order to get you to play chess? That’s what I’m talking about,” laughs the chess player. “Your training begins today.”

You beat him in four moves.


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