You cut the yellow wire.

The countdown clock ticks 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

The bomb beeps rapidly and then… silence.


Confetti and DVDs burst out from the bomb, like a Blockbuster Video getting demolished with dynamite! You pick up one of the DVDs and it’s labeled, “Puppeteer – Academy Awards Screener.”

“It’s a new movie I produced about my life story,” says The Unlikeable Puppeteer, who has hacked into a nearby electronic billboard. He has a black turtleneck, a long beard, and a cross-eyed Miss Piggy-knockoff on his arm. “Maybe it’ll incite more puppet-based violence? God, I hope so!”

“There’s just one problem,” you state boldly to the screen. “Nobody watches DVDs anymore, you dummy. Everything’s streaming now, you idiot.”

Everyone on the scene picks up the DVDs and instinctually throws them into nearby trash cans. The Unlikeable Puppeteer clearly spent a fortune burning tons of DVDs, and it’s all been wasted.

“No!” screams the villain. “I splurged for the nice black boxes and the full color labels! Why didn’t I just get the paper sleeves? Oh, I’m ruined!”

The day is saved, thanks to YOU… and the shift from ownership to access prompted by decreased millennial wealth!


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